Tax-Credit and Tax-Exempt Bond - Multifamily Consulting Services


Tax-Exempt Bond, Taxable Bond, and Conventional Mortgage Structuring and Consulting

  • Advice and counsel on the best type of equity/financing structure to meet the client's goals whether it is for: new construction, acquisition, rehabilitation, neighborhood redevelopment, long term hold, or a short term exit strategy.
  • Recommendations on amenities, market analysis, and financial feasibility analysis.
  • Strategies for achieving optimum cash flow through solid non-recourse conventional mortgages for non tax credit or non bond financed properties for financings or refinancings.
  • Recommendations on credit enhancement required for tax credit financing, tax-exempt bond financing or refinancings, preliminary underwriting, tax-exempt bond structuring, production of the financial forecasts and debt schedules, and the assembly of the financial team.
  • Assistance and recommendations in the syndication of federal and state tax credits.
  • Recommendations on low income housing tax credits and the placement of the low income housing tax credits.
  • Assistance in the preparation of the tax credit application to be filed with the state issuer.
  • Participation in meetings, conference calls, sight visits, etc.
  • Other consultation as requested.